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  2. Ed Sanders & The Fugs, vol.1

  3. The man is a medium. Ed Sanders has been called a bridge between the Beat and Hippie generations. Sanders and Tuli Kupferberg founded the anti-rock band The Fugs, a force still active today. Ed Sanders is a social activist, novelist, environmentalist, poet and publisher.

  4. In Volume One, Sanders offers original heartfelt anthems,

  5. casting the spell of music and fable upon a rapt audience.

  6. The poet-troubadour performs on dulcimer, his electronic

  7. necktie, and in a 3-part a capella madrigal.

  8. Solo/Sunflower Weary of Time, Maximus Poems for Olson, The Air in the Hawk's Lung Measures Our Lives, Song of Sappho:  Equal to the Gods, The Fugs/Song for Abbie Hoffman, Protest and Survive, Nothing.

  9. Tuli Kupferberg, Steven Taylor & soprano Ann Hamson, 1989-94 55 min

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Song of Sappho

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