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  2. The 'Poetable' Jack Kerouac

  3. All-star evening celebrates the publication of the

  4. Ann Charters' edited offerings The Portable Jack Kerouac and Selected Letters 1940-1956, in this rich two-hour tour-de-force.

  5. Jack's literary masterpieces and his personal letters and postcards are tenderly brought to life by Maggie Estep (love letters), Allen Ginsberg (Mexico City Blues), Ed Sanders, biographer Charters.

  6. Poet Clark Coolidge dedicates his lengthy lyric poem Doin' the Jack Walk to Kerouac's invincible spirit. Also lending groovy energy are a host of musicians...Graham Parker, David Amram, Lee Ranaldo, and Dave van Ronk. Essential DVD. Excellent for Kerouac initiates or scholarly research.

  7. 120 min, 1995  St. Marks Church

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