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Robert Creeley also appears in

  1. 308  Lectures 4  Creeley,Lauterbach,North


  2. Robert Creeley: 70th Birthday Reading

  3. Robert Creeley, the influential poet, essayist, novelist, lecturer, editor, short story writer and teacher, treats us to a landmark 70th Birthday Reading, reciting choice poems along with relating memorable anecdotes.

  4. For Love: Poems 1950-1960, published in 1962, firmly fixed Creeley's position in American Letters and he has remained an incredibly prolific writer.

  5. In intimate fashion, this former fixture at Black Mountain College elegantly takes us poem by poem through key stages in his many-prized career.

  6. For Love • Anger • Histoire de Florida • Mazatlan Sea

  7.                                                                                    1996, 50 min

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