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  2. Gregory Corso: Beat Legend

  3. Corso's immediacy places us within the wombs and membranes of the working world. "How I love to probe life," he has written. "That's what poetry is to me a wondrous prober. It's not the meter or measure of a line, a breath, not Law Music, but the assembly of great eye sounds placed into an inspired measured idea."

  4. The Beat poet-provocateur's pace is brisk, comic and intoxicating. He performs classics and introduces bold new work in a flip tour-de-force of anecdote and allegory.

  5. The Whole Mess Almost, Greenwich Village Suicide, Sea Chanty, Puma in Chapultepec Zoo, Amnesia in Memphis, Birthplace Revisited, Botticelli Spring, Bomb, The Wreck of the Nordling, Arrogant Statement, Flu Ramblings, 30-Year Dream

  6. 1991, 50 min, New York University

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